Pompano Beach Auto Body Repair Services

No one likes driving around with a crushed bumper or damaged panels. Augies Auto Body & Paint Shop provides the auto body repair services in Pompano Beach, FL you need to erase the damage and restore your ride. Whether it was a recent fender, a major collision or mystery damaged, we’ll get it handled accordingly.

Our technicians are quick to assess the scope of damage and take the right approach to repairing it. No matter the make, model or year, we’ll have it looking like new again in no time.

Bumper Repair

A crushed bumper is a big problem—especially if you have a backup camera or your hood won’t stay latched. We repair bumpers and fenders to remove all signs of damage and to restore the integrity of your front and back ends.

Collision Repair

Whether it was a minor accident or a major collision, count on us to repair the damage. From panels and glass to the frame below, our mission is to restore your vehicle’s integrity so you’re safe behind the wheel.

Vehicle Rust Repair

Rust problems will only get worse if they’re left unchecked and untreated. We can cut out and repair rust spots, and even powder coat your vehicle to protect it against further oxidative damages.

Auto Restoration

Have a classic car that’s showing its age? We love the opportunity to bring vintage vehicles back to life. Our auto restoration services take a comprehensive approach to uplifting the look of your vehicle.

Auto Insurance Claims

Often, insurance is the one thing standing between your damaged vehicle and the repairs it needs. When you file a claim for collision repair work, make sure you’re working with us. We frequently work with national providers like State Farm and Progressive, to help expedite the claims process and get you the repairs you need fast. We welcome claims from any company.

Restore Your Ride

Don’t let lingering damage remind you of an accident. Call Augies Auto Body & Paint Shop today at 954-946-8015 and let us walk you through the claims process with your insurance company, and get your vehicle the service it needs to look like new again.